Wrapping-Up & Summer Hiatus

Thank YouIt’s our last blog post of the semester! We’ll be taking a summer hiatus, while we evaluate our blog pilot to determine where we go from here. In the meantime, here are a few things to do:

  1. Make sure you go back through to check out some posts. The conversation can still continue with you!
  2. Don’t forget to complete the post-pilot questionnaire by Friday, May 24 that will be sent out via email if you’re a part of our pilot group.
  3. Share your feedback! In addition to the questionnaire, we’re also hoping you’ll join us for our blog pilot focus group next week, Wednesday, May 15 from 4:30-6pm so we can get a better understanding of your experience with the blog and how it could work best for you. Please respond to the request sent out via email by Monday, May 13.

The editorial team would like to thank you for your participation in our pilot! We’ve appreciated the great feedback and conversation. It certainly has made the experience fun and valuable for us. Stay tuned later in the summer for updated information. Enjoy your break!

 From the editorial team – Marie Kendall Brown, Steve Dwinnells, Patty Payette, and Michelle Rodems

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